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  Program 7

TSAE1HB - Technology and Specification of Automatic Operators

DHI CEP Program #10-1110



Part 1 - Types of Automatic Doors

Part 2 - AAADM Certification


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  1. These type of automatic doors are aesthetically pleasing and better for two-way traffic:
    Manual doors.
    Swinging doors.

    Sliding doors.

  2. These type of doors can be used to help direct people to a particular part of the facility.
    Sliding doors.
    Swinging doors.
    Bi-fold doors.

  3. What are common wing designs used with revolving doors?
    Narrow stile.
    "Herculite" type wing.
    Wide stile.
    All of the above.

  4. These type of closers are more appropriate for intensive care rooms and critical care jobs in the hospital setting.
    Revolving doors.
    Manual doors.
    Swinging doors.

  5. The recommended distance of 12 feet is used with these designs to maintain temperature control.
    2-wing revolvers.
    Telescopic sliding doors.