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  Program 2

ADA1HRB - Understanding ADA: Compliance as it Pertains to Architectural Hardware

DHI CEP Program #10-1108



Part 1 - General ADA Information

Part 2 - ADA Compliance

Part 3 - Preferred Practice


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  1. The ADA is important to specifiers for three reasons. Which one of these is incorrect?
    It requires you to meet the needs of all those who enter the building.
    It guarantees protection from lawsuits.
    It enables you to keep the building's owner compliant.

  2. The ADA Law protects?
    Building owners from unnecessary building codes.
    The civil rights of people with disabilities.
    The general population.

  3. "Getting in the building" covers all obstacles of the building's entrance, including?
    Parking lots.
    Court yards.