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  Program 12

AIABH1B - Basic Hardware: Closers, Exits, Locks, and Key Systems

DHI CEP Program #10-1122



Part 1 - Key Systems

Part 2 - Locks

Part 3 - Exits & Closers


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Part 1 - Key Systems

Q: What is a keyway?
A: The shape of the key

Q: Why are keyways important?
A: They control how easy it is to duplicate keys

There are two options to preventing unauthorized copying of keys:

  • Patented keyways
    • Authorized dealers will stock factory key blanks
    • Allows your client to control his key system
  • Restricted keyways
    • Authorized dealers will stock factory key blanks, but letter of authorization is required from the owner to cut keys
    • Provides a higher degree of key control

Some manufacturers get a patent for the shape of their key, enabling them to prevent unauthorized manufacture of the keys, and to restrict the distribution to select dealers only. If your client goes to the time and expense of updating his cylinders with a new master key system, this enables him to keep control by eliminating unauthorized key duplication.

A restricted keyway is a little different. The manufacturer restricts the manufacture and distribution of the key blanks to authorized dealers. However, unless there is a patent, there is no way to limit another company from duplicating the key blank. The best solution is to use a patented and restricted keyway. The patent protects your client and the restricted keyway requires a letter of authorization from the owner to cut any keys.

Cylinder types:

  • Standard
    • Master keying available
    • Locking device usually needs to be partially disassembled to remove cylinder
    • Available in standard, patented, restricted and high security
    • Construction master keying by factory only
  • Interchangeable core
    • Also referred to as, I/C Cores
    • Master keying available
    • Core is removed by a control key and a new core inserted (no disassembly)
    • Available in standard, patented, restricted, and high security
    • Temporary cores can be used during construction


Upon submission, results of your evaluation will be displayed with the correct answers shown in red.

  1. The best way to limit another company from duplicating a key blank is to use _________ .
    Restricted keyways.
    Patented keyways.

  2. No disassembly of the lock is required when changing this cylinder type.
    Standard cylinder.

    Interchangeable core cylinder.